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Colors TCG

Please leave all trade offers in this post.
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Hello Aru!!

Do you think I could give you Anything for Copying16?

You also have Bishi09 Bishi15 Bishi18 that i am after but i don't have much now, would it be possible to ask to put them on hold for me until i get referral prizes and CRAYONS!! that i could use for you è_é?
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YES I ENDED UP GETTING BISHI09 SOMEWHERE ELSE BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Contract13 in its place would be great, though!!

anddd giving you cute cards because you deserve cute cards

thank you so much aru ♥
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[personal profile] despedia 2013-06-30 01:37 am (UTC)(link)
NEVER A PROBLEM ♥!!! Thank you so much aru