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My purple candy streak is broken, but red candy is good too!

To get a piece you don't have to do anything but you can tell me about a character or ship you started to like a lot recently as long as it's not kaede akamatsu from dangan ronpa

- [personal profile] reneetwist
[personal profile] junee
[personal profile] eclair
[personal profile] sinew
[personal profile] kureto
[personal profile] wanderlast
[personal profile] nidoking
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Seiyuu Guess 132
[personal profile] lady_paine
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Like every year save for the first i have purple candy!

To get a piece, just show me your OTP or if you are not a shipper, tell me about a fictional non-romantic relationship you like.

Candy Log


- two red candies in seiyuu guess 260
- orange candy in seiyuu guess 261
- gray candy and brown candy in coloring book 132
- yellow candy in host club 147

red candy from [personal profile] zeittari, [personal profile] nidoking [personal profile] scblakdrgon [personal profile] instrumentality
orange candy from [personal profile] reneetwist, [personal profile] ivoryandhorn [personal profile] kurieta
yellow candy from [personal profile] canute, [personal profile] eonflamewing [personal profile] bobanaicha [personal profile] phibby
green candy from [personal profile] kureto [personal profile] beezebeora [personal profile] jessu [personal profile] madoka
blue candy from [personal profile] cardsharpe [personal profile] dustybunny [personal profile] sujini
purple candy from [personal profile] admiral [personal profile] chuuya [personal profile] lady_paine
brown candy from [personal profile] buttmage [personal profile] netbug009
gray candy from [personal profile] tiddly_widdly [personal profile] neverbepractical [personal profile] sinew

exchanged six gray crayons, five blue crayons and red crayon for 24 gray candies, 20 blue candies and 4 red candies
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activity rewards

Starting September, players will be able to claim additional rewards based on their activity levels throughout the previous month. These are not replacing in any way the usual rewards you get for games, deck donations, etc, it's just an additional reward for being active. Please note that prize tiers and sizes are subject to be adjusted if needed. There are currently three separate categories you can claim rewards for. These have no effect on one another and you claim them separately, for example you can hit tier V in Games and Services and tier III in Trades in one month.

The tiers are (for now) as follows:


I. Answer 5 game rounds during the month.
II. Answer 10 game rounds during the month.
III. Answer 15 game rounds during the month.
IV. Answer 20 game rounds during the month.
V. Answer 25 game rounds during the month.
VI. Answer 30 game rounds during the month.
VII. Answer 35 or more game rounds during the month.

✽ Games where you can comment multiple times (eg. Switch it Up, Swap Station) count as one round.
✽ Special events (League, Advent Calendar, Anniversary) games don't count for this.
✽ Pot of Gold counts as one no matter how many tasks you complete.


I. Trade with 3 people during the month.
II. Trade with 6 people during the month.
III. Trade with 9 people during the month.
IV. Trade with 12 people during the month.
V. Trade with 15 people during the month.
VI. Trade with 18 people during the month.
VII. Trade with 21 or more people during the month.

✽ Trade size doesn't matter.
✽ Trading crayons does count.
✽ Trades made for games, both regular (Acrostic, Pot of Gold) or special (League, Anniversary, Advent Calendar) do count.


Service activity tiers work differently since we wouldn't want anyone to for example split their Art Shop request into 20 comments to stack service uses. Instead, these are counted based on how many of these things you complete in a month:

✽ use Art Shop at least once
✽ use Art Studio at least once
✽ use Recycled Art at least once
✽ master a deck
✽ max out deck donations

I. complete 1/5 tasks
II. complete 2/5 tasks
III. complete 3/5 tasks
IV. complete 4/5 tasks
V. complete 5/5 tasks


The tiers are rewarded as follows:

I. 4 random cards
II. 8 random cards
III. 12 random cards +1 crayon
IV. 16 random cards +1 crayon
V. 20 random cards +2 crayons
VI. 24 random cards +2 crayons
VII. 28 random cards +2 crayons


Please use this form to claim your prizes (you can do more than one in one comment):

✽ In the Activity field, please either provide links to your game answers and trades or indicate the date in your log where this activity is logged. For services, provide links with the exception of Recycled Art where a log entry is enough.
✽ You can claim prizes for the previous month during the whole month. For example, during September you'll be able to claim rewards based on your August activity but once it becomes October, unclaimed August rewards are lost and you'll be only able to claim for September. There will be a reset comment.

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special deck coupon shop

So you want to donate a special deck and need a coupon? Here you can obtain one.

The current price is 20 crayons per coupon, 10 of each color you want the deck to be and you can buy one every three months. So if you get one in July, you'll be able to get your next one in October.

A few notes:

✽ Yes, you do state specific deck colors while buying a coupon. This is so people would buy coupons with a particular deck they want to donate in mind rather than to stock up on them for future use.

✽ However, this does not mean you are required to use the coupon immediately. You can hold on to it indefinitely and even use it for a different deck than originally planned.

✽ The colors are actually not set in stone - the deckmaker might decide to change one or two if the shades used in the actual deck turn out to resemble another color more or you can find a perfect mastery badge image later which would look better with another color. However, that's more of an exception than a general rule so please make your coupon purchases with actual deck donation in mind.

✽ Free special deck coupons will continue to appear as prizes in PoG and there are no changes done to them. These are also completly separate from you purchased coupons, so getting a special deck coupon from Pot of Gold does not mean you need to wait three months to buy another.

Please use this form:

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Congrats to the winners of last month! The previous Pot of Gold had a good run and this month we're going to be taking a new challenge - the Hunter Exam!

The object of the Pot of Gold is to complete different "tasks" that will be different every month. You'll get small rewards for completing them individually, but receive bonuses if you manage to complete all of them. How much of the rainbow can you complete?

rules )

Tasks and Prizes )

You have until June 3rd at 12:01PM CET to complete these tasks. Good luck!

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♥ News ♥

Hi everyone! The double rewards month is now officially over - game rounds posted after this release are back to usual prizes! However, you might see some permanent increases here and there soon.

Since there was no bonus event with candy wrappers from the Valentines in the end, you might spend them in Art Shop instead - two candies of one color that were given to you equal one crayon of that color and can get you a choice card. You might trade them to get the colors you need!

Also, starting this month, in addition to freebies from the release, you'll be able to take signatures. This month you might take three copies of your signature. This will be changed to two copies next month and then to one copy after a few months but for now we hope to kickstart sig trading.

For this month's bonus freebie, once again please say how many trades have you done in the past month (number of players and number of cards traded). For this, once again you can grab any bonus card, no restrictions (save for limited edition decks, of course)! Please say in your comment what you are taking.

That's all for today, see you next month! Previous release is open for claiming for 24h till now.

Art & Fic Submission Post
April Pot of Gold
April Release Zip

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♥ News ♥

Hi everyone! How did you like the Valentines event? I hope you kept track of what was given to you since you might be able to get something extra from them.

The deck Indian has been renamed to Tapioca so please update your collections!

There's an important announcement we have to do in this release - from after March release is posted, for one month prizes from the following games will be doubled:

Rei's Friend Report
Rolling Down the UMN
Beauty Pageant
Lucky Draw
Hi-5 Radio
Combo Breaker
Deck Lover
Link Cable
Continue the Story
Seiyuu Guess

This list will be updated with even more games as more mods sign up for this. Please remember that coupons aren't affected by that so if you use a +2 cards coupon, you'll still get two bonus cards, not four.

For this month's bonus freebie, please say how many trades have you done in the past month (number of players and number of cards traded). For this, you can grab any bonus card, no restrictions!

That's all for today, see you next month!

Art & Fic Submission Post
March Pot of Gold
February Release Zip

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